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Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschäppeler

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Roman Tschäppeler is a creative producer. Mikael Krogerus is a reporter. Both are Kaospilot graduates and authors of the international bestseller «The Decision Book». In their refreshing keynotes they offer a new look at decision behavior. Now they gathered the most relevant communcation theories in one single volume: «The Communication Book». #decisionmaking #communication # theories #explained on a #chalkboard

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«Why is it so difficult to make a decision?» this questions was the starting point for Roman Tschäppeler und Mikael Krogerus to explore the big, complex world of decision making. Using only a few words and smart diagrams they tried to make sense of some things and fun of others. They gathered their findings in «The Decision Book». They figured it would sell about a 100 copies. Instead, it spent a lot of time on various bestseller lists, and went on to sell more than 1 million copies in over 20 languages.

But a lot of other things happenend, too: They graduated from Danish creative school «The Kaospilots», wrote numerous editorials and developed tests and apps and more books. Recently they designed part of an exhibition for a museum. But Roman and Mikael are at their best, when on a stage. In their keynotes they explain decision making in a humerous way with a few diagrams on an old school blackboard. They’ve given over 100 speeches at various events from Austrian Innovation Forum to TedX Budapest, from Atlanta to Zurich.

In the past two years they have tested the 44 most important communication theories – from Aristotle’s thoughts on presenting through Proust on asking questions to the Harvard Negotiation Project – for their practicality in daily business life. The result: The Communication Book is an inspiring compilation of 44 ideas and theories for better conversations every day.

Roman Tschäppeler is from Switzerland, he is an accurate, viusal thinker. He also produces documentaries and cultural projects in his studio guzo. Mikael Krogerus is from Finland, he is an enthusiastic, fast thinker. He also works as an editor with Switzerland’s biggest weekly magazine Das Magazin.