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THE COLLABORATION BOOK- 41 Ideas for Working Better Together

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The truth about work is: no one can do it alone. Even lone warriors need a team. Even in professions that revolve around individual superstars, collaboration is crucial.Yet most of us have never learned how to collaborate. How to form a team. How to work with people you don't like. How to motivate yourself and others. How to handle a conflict with grace. How to come to a decision in a group. How to master crises, how to deal with defeat, how to celebrate success (and how to build on it).

Here, the bestselling authors of The Decision Book will help you learn all these things and more by bringing together 44 of the world's best methods for teamwork. From solving problems to achieving your goals to creating the trust necessary to do both, they offer tried-and-tested tools, techniques and advice. Big ideas, distilled to their essence, that will help you find success - no matter the team.